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Privacy Policy

3R understands the importance and the responsibility we have in protecting the privacy of our customers. We will work to handle personal information in a proper and safe manner in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law, other legislations, its guidelines and standards written below.
1. Information you provide
We only ask you to provide us with information pertinent to our business in a lawful manner with the full understanding that your information will not be mishandled.
2. How we use your information
We only use the information you provide us when it is necessary to do so in conducting our business. When your information is required by third parties that we work with or entrust part of our business to, we only share the information if the third party agrees to follow the same standards as we do.
3. Giving information to third parties
Unless the law specifically requires us to, we will never share your information with unrelated third parties without your consent.
4. How we protect your information
We keep personal information the same as provided by you in a safe manner.
We prevent information from being lost, destroyed and leaked through computer hacking, viruses and spyware through various security measures.
We do not allow any personal information to be carried out or transmitted out of the company.
5. How you can change, remove, delete or release your information
We understand and reserve the right for our customers to change, remove, delete or release their personal information. If you have any questions or requests regarding the information that you have provided us with, please email our Personal Information Inquiry Office:An inquiry of e-mail form
6. Organization and Operation
We have appointed a personal information manager, who will be responsible for protecting and managing all personal information handled by 3R.
We have trained all corporate directors and employees on how to handle and protect personal information.
7. Personal information compliance program
In order to further educate the company and other third parties we interact with, 3R has devised and implemented a personal information compliance program.
Established on 12th October 2008
3R Corporation
Chairman & CEO Noriyuki Yamaguchi
Personal Information Manager Yasunobu Miyanaga

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