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Main gate
3R Corporation
Post code : 346-0028
Address : 17 Kawarai-town Kuki-city Saitama prefecture,Japan.
Pilot number : +81-(0)480-23-1000
FAX : +81-(0)480-23-1005
Direct line to parts sales department
Tel: +81-(0)480-26-3559
FAX : +81-(0)480-26-3562
Office hours : 8:30 - 17:30
Closed : Public holidays,every Sunday,partial Saturday(vary
from month to month), Year-end to New year, Summer vacation

Inquiry through e-mail

Please click "I agree" if you have any request or question to us about Used auto parts after reading "Privacy Policy" and "Consent for the Treatment of Personal data"
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President statement on protection of personal information

We at 3R Corporation, have committed to, and have been, dismantling and recycling end-of-life vehicles in an economical, reliable and sound manner with our company philosophy to contribute to global environmental protection and sound material-cycle society building.
In conjunction with implementation of the company philosophy, we believe it is our responsibility and requisite to protect the privacy of our customers as well.
We have designed a privacy policy to ascertain this responsibility and will work to uphold the standards written therein.
Yours faithfully,
Noriyuki Yamaguchi
Chairman & CEO
3R Corporation

3R Business day calendar

Business hours 8:00 - 17:30
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Red letters represent our holidays this month. For disposal of your old car(s), we are happy to pick it (them) up at your residence or to take it (them) up. Also we are flexible to deal with you anytime if you kindly contact us in advance.