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Collaboration with United Arrows Ltd.*1

Collaboration with United Arrows Ltd. Collaboration with United Arrows Ltd.
We have supplied some material to the Highway Store Ltd, a store brand which United Arrows Ltd. has extended. That material is used in the latest recycle goods that the store brand has released to the public. The photo pictures are shown below.
Seat belts which we have taken out from ELVs (End-of-Life Vehicle) are used in tote bags, pen cases, and pouches. Also seat textures are utilized as buffer material in iPad cases. This is the first time when these materials are selected as components in apparel products.
The seat belts and the seat textures are difficult to be reused as they are and to be recycled as material(s) for another products. Those are landfilled as a part of ASR (Auto Shredding Residue) or burned. Therefore it could be said that this collaboration has generated one more recyclable material from ELVs. It is expected that the collaboration would lead to an increase in the recycling rate of ELVs and be of a small help to protect the environment in the earth.
Note *1: United Arrows Ltd is one of the leading apparel companies in Japan, and their stock is listed in the first tier at Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.

Tree planting for environmental protection

We at 3R Corporation have been participating in tree planting initiative conducted by a NPO, Asian Green Forest Network in island of Bali, which is famous as a resort area in the Indian Ocean. The population of the Bali is 3.8 million. The area is 5,632km2.It's about half the size of Shikoku Island, the 4th largest island in Japan. There is a volcano called Mount Batur in the north east of the island. The volcano has erupted some times in the past half century and burned out plants around the mountain. Forests which had been supplying waters to Lake Batur, the water reservoir of the Bali were devastated by the eruptions. The water level of the lake continues dropping. The NPO has been engaged in growing watershed protection forests activities in cooperation with provincial government of Bali since 2007 so that they acquire plenty of water again.
Planting area around the Mount Batur.
Planting area around the Mount Batur. Planting area around the Mount Batur. We felt empathy for their initiative and decided to donate a portion of our profits generated from used auto parts sale. We put two name palates to trees in order to express our appreciation to use many used parts. One is Honda Cars Saitama Tsurugashima-Minami Branch and another Honda Cars Saitama Minuma Branch. They kindly understood that it was effective to use second-hand parts to reduce CO2 emissions. We do hope the trees would grow tall.
Melia Azedarach with a name plate for Honda Cars SaitamaTsurugashima-Minami Branch
Melia Azedarach with a name plate for Honda Cars SaitamaTsurugashima-Minami Branch Melia Azedarach with a name plate for Honda Cars SaitamaTsurugashima-Minami Branch
Ficus Benjamina with a name plate for Honda Cars Saitama Minuma Branch
Ficus Benjamina with a name plate for Honda Cars Saitama Minuma Branch Ficus Benjamina with a name plate for Honda Cars Saitama Minuma Branch

Remodeled Electric Car

Remodeled Electric Car We remodeled a used car into an Electric car with a deep cycle battery. Look at our first output. This electric car has been successfully registered. We are enjoying driving that car on public roads. Why not try! The reason why we decided to remodel an old car which was very closed to End-of-Life, because we felt that way be the most significant in terms of Re-Use. Also because we wanted to deliver more value-add works with much use of our skill.
We started up this project at the end of 2010 and successfully registered that remodeled car with the Authority in April 2011. We would like to show you the process how we have done.
A project was commenced.
A project was commenced. 1 A project was commenced. 2
The original car: First Registration Date August 2006, Mileage 187,800 km
Take out an engine.
Take out an engine. A full set of devices for remodeling.
A full set of devices for remodeling.
Connect a motor to a transmission.
Connect a motor to a transmission. >Modify the inside.
Modify the inside.
Install the engine.
Install the engine. Remove the fuel tank.
Remove the fuel tank.
Paint in blue.
Paint in blue. Remodeling is completed!
Remodeling is completed!

Our Initiative for Personal Information Protection

When we dismantle ELV, we offer a service to cancel car registrations for used car owners. To conduct that service, we handle documents which contain personal information such as Certificate of Vehicle Inspection, Certificate of Seal Impression, and so on. It is critically important for us to complete the service without leaking and losing the personal information.
We have set our Privacy Policy to handle the personal information. We periodically hold workshops for our employees to observe the policy thoroughly. Following pictures are the scene from the workshops. We have been cancelling over 3,000 of car registration every year. We have neither lost nor leaked documents to this date.

Certificate for Professional Dismantler

Certificate for Professional Dismantler Japan Elv Recycler's Association (JAERA) and Japan Auto Recycling Partnership ( JARP) held workshops [JAERA Instructor's workshop] in eleven areas all over Japan to train experts in proper treatment of chlorofluorocarbon and airbags. 48 people from associations throughout Japan attended the workshops held between July to September 2007. Shinya Karasaki, our employee, participated in the workshop on 25th September 2007 and obtained skill to deal with chlorofluorocarbon evacuation and airbag explosion in a proper and eco-friendly manner. He received certificate as an instructor from JAERA and JARP.

Diversify: Support for Working Mothers

Diversify: Support for Working Mothers

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