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3R - Origins

Our company name, 3R Corporation, has come from our commitment to thoroughly carry out 3 kinds of "R" in a process of dismantling End-of-Life Vehicles. Those are;
1) Reduce - to minimize waste production
2) Reuse - to extract and reuse all available components
3) Recycle - to process raw materials into new products
This order has a significant meaning, which shows a priority to dispose waste to build up a sound material-cycle society. The order was defined in Fundamental Law for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society.

Company Information

Corporate Name
3R Corporation
17 Kawarai-cho, Kuki City,
Saitama Prefecture Japan 346-0028
Tel:81-480-23-1000, Fax:81-480-23-1005
Established: June 22nd, 1995
Chairman & CEO
Noriyuki Yamaguchi
Yen 84million
The place which looked at the company from the main gate
Business Description
  • Buying,requisitioning,
    dismantling and compressing
    End-of-Life Vehicles
  • Recycling End-of-Life Vehicles
  • Selling used auto parts
  • Buying and selling used cars
Factory Information
  • Land Area: 16,633m²
  • Factory Area: 5,652m²
  • Capability: 2,000 cars/ month
    (with 8H/ day operation)
Permits and Registration Number
  • ELV Receipt Trade Registration
    Number: 20111000903
  • Fluorocarbon Recovery Registration
    Number: 20112000903
  • Dismantlement Permit
    Number: 20113000903
  • ELV Shredding Permit
    Number: 20114000903
Acquisition Certificate
  • ISO14001
    Registration Number: C2018-00860-T
  • Mizuho Bank, Oomiya branch
  • Saitama Risona Bank, Kuki Branch
  • Ashikaga Bank, Shiraoka Branch
  • Musashino Bank, Kuki Branch

Message from the President

The economic growth of the past century, founded upon mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal, has left the world at the risk of exhausting its natural resources and global warming. Therefore, it is urgent for us in the 21st century to build a sound material-cycle society.
Japanese national policies and regulations pertaining to environmental protection have become stricter in recent years due to the urgency of global environmental protection. It is one of the few areas nationwide legislatively that have become so. 3R Inc. hopes to play our part in the protection of our environment by incorporating the 3 'R's into the various stages of disposing end-of-life vehicles
Noriyuki Yamaguchi Chairman & CEO 3R Corporation.
Noriyuki Yamaguchi
Chairman & CEO
3R Corporation.
The 3R's stand for,
1) Reduce: the amount of waste produced
2) Reuse: all available end-of-life vehicle components
3) Recycle: raw materials and process them into new products
As proof of our dedication to environmental protection we have acquired the environmental management certificate ISO14001 in 2002 and have renewed periodically since then. 3R strongly believes in the importance of waste management industries and in this century that has been coined "the ecological century," we will work diligently to protect the environment we live in. We ask for and thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. Yours faithfully,

Company History

1995 June
Founded as Automobile Recycle and Research Center
1998 June
Noriyuki Yamaguchi installed as President
1998 September
Began to ship a container of used parts to America and New Zealand
Began shipments to Russia
Began shipments to the Middle East
2002 July
Acquired the environmental management certificate 14001
2002 November
Renamed as 3R Corporation
2003 December
Joined NGP (Nippon Good Parts/Dismantlers' Association to exchange used auto parts)
2004 November
Introduced a compression machine
2005 July
Renewed the environmental management certificate 14001
2006 January
Employee excursion to Australia
2010 December
Began a Remodeled Electronic Car Project
2011 May
Began selling regenerated batteries


For those who visit us by car

Access map (car)
5-minute drive from Kuki I.C (Inter Change), Tohoku Highway
  1. Turn right to Saitama direction after passing tool gate of Kuki IC
  2. Drive about 1.5km along Saitama-Kurihashi Line (Saitama Prefectual #3)
  3. Turn right at the 4th traffic light
  4. You will see our factory at the left side of the first signal.

For those who visit us using railway

Access map (Train)


3R Business day calendar

Business hours 8:00 - 17:30
Calendar Loading
Red letters represent our holidays this month. For disposal of your old car(s), we are happy to pick it (them) up at your residence or to take it (them) up. Also we are flexible to deal with you anytime if you kindly contact us in advance.